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Welcome to the St. Albert Recreation Badminton Club website. Our club is a recreational competitive club that plays three times a week between the months of September and June.

Our focus is not badminton training or classes, but mix-and-match games with other players throughout the play session. Anyone who enjoys playing Badminton and having a good time is encouraged to come out and join us.

Days and Locations

Our main locations for play are in the St. Albert Catholic High School, and Lois E. Hole Elementary School. Play is sometimes moved to alternate gymnasiums in the St. Albert/Edmonton area, but notification of those moves will be given through this website. The following is the scheduled times for our main venues:

DayLocationTime Special Notes
TuesdayLois E. Hole Elementary School 7PM – 10PM Members only, aged 17 and older
FridaySt. Albert Catholic High School7PM – 10PMMembers and drop-ins, aged 17 and older
SaturdaySt. Albert Catholic High School2PM – 5PMMembers and drop-ins, all ages

There are designated entrances to our main venues as described in the following PDFs:


Memberships are available, and casual drop-ins are also welcome. The club membership will be limited to 85 adult members, on a first come first served basis. The following are the current annual fees for this season (2021-2022):

TypeMember from St. AlbertMember from Elsewhere
Single Membership$45 (full year)
$25 (from Feb 1)
$65 (full year)
$35 (from Feb 1)
Family Membership *$75 (full year)
$35 (from Feb 1)
$95 (full year)
$50 (from Feb 1)
Drop In **$8 / visit
* Family memberships include primary member, partner, plus any dependents under the age of 25 that are in the same residence and actively attending school. Children aged 18 and older are considered adults, and must join as a SINGLE member if not attending school.
** Drop In play is only allowed on Fridays and Saturdays

The registration form (download here) will need to be filled out and submitted along with payment.


For more information, you can contact us either by email or text (please no phone calls):


Playing Times: Please do not come any earlier than the scheduled times. Also, all players must be out of the school ten minutes before the end time (this gives the custodians time to secure the building and be out at their scheduled times). If we violate either of these rules, the club’s gymnasium privileges may be revoked and everybody loses.

Families: Saturday’s are family day where members can bring their children to play if they wish (with a family membership). Only adult players (17 or older) will be allowed to play on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Scoring: We play the (not-so) new 21-point rally system as defined by the IBF and Badminton Canada. You can find more details about it here.

Drop Ins: Drops ins are welcome and will be charged a fee (see above). Due to overcrowding and only have 3 courts, no drop-ins will be allowed on Tuesdays.

Dealing With Crowded Nights: When the gym is very crowded the following system will be implemented

  • If there are 12 or more people waiting to play, play will immediately (including existing games) change to 1 game to 21 points (rally system) with no set.
  • A whiteboard/notepad will be provided in which people not currently playing will list their names.
  • The top 4 players on the list will play in the next available court and remove their names.
  • Members not wishing to play when their turn comes up have the option to decline their turn, and must place their name at the bottom of the list.
Drop Ins

There will not be any drop in players allowed for the time being. This may be updated throughout the season, and we will let you know if it changes.

Facility Guidelines
  • ONLY participants are allowed in the school, NO spectators
  • User Groups must remain in the area of the school designated for their use.
  • ONLY use designated washrooms
  • No food, no soft drinks
  • Use exterior gym entrance for St. Albert Catholic High School (SACHS)