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Club membership is now closed

We have reached our membership capacity for this year, and will no longer be accepting new members. The Executive Team can make exception to allow addition; example:  long standing member, or special circumstances… if this is the case please check with an Executive member for confirmation. 


Start of season pushed back

Unfortunately the schools and city have pushed back all school reservations until at least October 11th. For us, since that week was originally cancelled anyway, this puts our potential first date of play to the week of October 19th. Hopefully things will be firmer as we get closer to that date, stay tuned for moreContinue reading “Start of season pushed back”

Information and details finalized for the season

We finally have all of the information for this upcoming season. We were supposed to start play on Sept 21st, but that has been postponed until at least Oct 5th. This year may be like that with Covid where things stop and start, so make sure to stay tuned to the website or subscribe toContinue reading “Information and details finalized for the season”